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I. figure fig‧ure 1 [ˈfɪgə ǁ ˈfɪgjər] noun
1. figures [plural] a number representing an amount, especially an officially published number:

• I need this week's sales figures.

• These are the worst unemployment figures in three years.

• Poor trade figures rattled the market.

• February figures showed growth in lending had slowed to 5.5%.

ˈlistening ˌfigures [plural] MARKETING
the number of people who listen to a particular radio station or programme:

• Overall listening figures climbed 10%.

2. [countable] ACCOUNTING a number written as a sign rather than a word:

• In management reports, it is often worth adding up the columns of figures that are presented.

3. double figures numbers between 10 and 99:

• Their economy is a mess with inflation well into double figures.

4. six-figure/​seven-figure etc a number in the hundred thousands, millions etc, often used to talk about someone's income:

• What's the point of a six-figure salary with no time to enjoy it?

5. [countable] a particular amount of money:

• The event raised $200,000 for charity, and this is not the final figure. (= the amount that will be obtained in the end )

6. put a figure on something to say exactly how much something costs, is worth etc:

• Police are waiting to hear from the accountants before they can put an exact figure on the amount missing.

7. [countable] written abbreviation fig a numbered drawing or diagram in a book:

• Figure 3.1 shows the important position of planning in the decision-making process.

  [m0] II. figure figure 2 verb
1. [transitive] informal to calculate an amount:

• Did you figure your expenses for last month yet?

2. [intransitive] to be involved in an important part of an activity, process, or situation:
figure in

• A number of top British companies all figure in his career background.

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figure UK US /ˈfɪgər/ noun [C]
an amount shown as a number, used especially in documents and reports: »

Overall Christmas sales figures released earlier this week were disappointing.

official/government figures »

US exports to Saudi Arabia were valued at 6.2 billion dollars, according to official figures.

latest/final/interim figure »

The latest figures show that average spending on food is now around 15% of income.

closing/opening/preliminary figure »

Many professionals prefer this chart as it shows the full range of the price movements rather than just the closing figure.

a high/low figure »

A high figure may indicate that the economy is overheating, as consumers borrow in order to live beyond their means.

average/rough/approximate figure »

He was able to give me an approximate figure of £36,000.


In five years they plan to have 2,010 stores - almost double the current figure.

the actual/exact figure »

I can't remember the exact figure, but it was $10 billion or thereabouts.

unemployment/crime figures »

There was positive news in the labour market, with unexpectedly good unemployment figures.

listening/viewing/attendance figures »

Listening figures for the breakfast show have risen, helping the station push its audience share back over 10 per cent.

a number shown as a symbol rather than a word: »

The figure 6 was clearly marked on the door.


Write 'twelve thousand and fifty six' in figures.

an important or well-known person: public/industry/political figure »

Public figures from athletes to religious leaders have campaigned on the issue.

central/key/major figure »

She is a central figure in the sport and the president of its dominant organization.

senior/leading/prominent figure »

The controversial paper was attacked by many prominent figures within the scientific establishment.

government/corporate figure »

Normally a routine overseas trip by a government figure would hardly warrant attention.

put a figure on sth — Cf. put a figure on sth
single/double figures — Cf. double-figure
six-figure/seven-figure — Cf. six-figure/seven-figure
figure UK US /ˈfɪgər/ verb
[T] to calculate something: figure that »

Economists figure that the average snowmobiler spends about $555 per visit to the Yellowstone area.

[I] to appear or to be included in something: figure in sth »

The cost of higher education is expected to figure prominently in all of the parties' policies this November.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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